The importance of tyres cannot be denied. However, making the right choice regarding tyres for any vehicle, especially when there are so many options, is also crucial. You cannot use tyres that are ideal for a scorching hot climate for driving in freezing cold places. There are various types of tyres for different purposes, weather conditions and vehicles. If you need clarification about which tyre would suit your vehicle, this blog is a must-read for you.


Here are the four main types of mobile tyres in Sutton that you can choose to buy –


  • Winter Tyres:

    Such tyres should be used only in cold and chilly conditions, like in areas full of snow or in locations where the temperature goes down – below 7 degrees. Winter tyres are made of higher natural rubber, ensuring flexibility even in freezing conditions. They are designed in such a way that they can grip and offer mobility.


  • Summer Tyres:

    Summer tyres are perfect for use in hot/warm climates or places where temperatures rise above 7 degrees. They are composed of a special soft compound that aids in gripping the road in dry and wet conditions. 


  • High-Performance Tyres: Also called high-speed tyres, as the name suggests, they are to be used for a single purpose, i.e., high-speed driving. Identical to Sports Tyres, these show strong resistance to aquaplaning even at high speeds. They are also characterised by extremely high stability because of the big tread blocks designed on them.


  • Mud Tyres:

    If you are adventurous and enjoy driving on rough surfaces, mud tyres or off-road tyres are your go-to option. Such tyres are available with large tread blocks that possess the ability to dig deep to grip and forcefully throw dirt, gravel or mud away. But off-road or mud tyres are not suitable for smooth surfaces as there is a chance that they will wear out really fast.


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