Tyre puncture is a common phenomenon that can happen anytime with anyone. Hence, you must care about your car’s tyres regularly. However, even after caring for the tyres, you can encounter this sudden problem. If you get stuck in the middle of the road with a punctured tyre, then calling service for mobile tyres in Epsom is the most brilliant idea.

However, there can be situations when you might not even get your phone’s network. What will you do? For such emergencies, always keep a few things in your car. Changing a tyre is not rocket science. It’s easy to learn, and every person driving a car must be aware of the same.

What tyre accessories you must keep in-store to avoid any sudden incident?

Puncture repair kit

With a few car models, you can get tyre repair kits, and it’s a must-have item that needs to be kept in your car’s boot. A puncture kit consists of different items like the gear, glue, repair strips and cutter. You can also keep a pair of gloves and other accessories in place so that you can make a temporary fixation and take your car to a place where you can get hold of a mechanic.

Valve cap

Sometimes the valve cap comes out if you’re driving on a rough road. In such cases, rather than stopping in between the journey, carry a valve cap along with you. If you find that the tyre’s valve cap has gone out, then replace the same with the spare one. A valve cap is essential because it prevents moisture and dirt from entering the tyres.

Pressure gauge

If you purchase a new model, you’ll find a separate tyre pressure monitoring system installed in the same. You must also check the tyre’s pressure now and then. Especially before you embark on a long journey, make sure that you check the tyre pressures. You can also keep a spare tyre gauge in your car’s boot to help you check the same.

Spare tyre

This is the basic necessity that every car owner must keep in mind. The spare tyre will come in handy in case you are stuck with an inflated tyre. With a few tools, you can easily change the tyre and replace the same with a new one. This is a compulsory item that should be present in your car’s boot.

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