Car tyres are one of the most crucial components of the vehicle, and they need continuous attention. Forming a single point of contact between the road and the car, they undergo immense pressure, wear and tear. The road conditions and other technical factors impact its performance. It can also turn catastrophic, causing the car to spiral out of control.

Car tires bear the brunt of every single glitch, like road bumps and potholes, emergency stops, accidental wheel spins etc.  If the tires are not performing optimally, you should consult the garage services for 24-hour mobile tyres in Ashton. As a reputable company at Easy Tyre,  we have experience handling car tires of all makes and models. We also provide advanced solutions like car tire repair, fitting and replacement, pressure monitoring, etc. 


Warning Signs that Your Car Tire Needs Replacing

1. Tire Tread Depth

Car tires should be sturdy and fully functional to become roadworthy. There are certain regulations in this regard which you must follow. The tread depth for a new car tire should be 8mm. after wearing down, the legal limit for each tire is 1.6mm. If it becomes as low as 3mm, it is time to replace the tire. Every car owner should perform a scheduled tread depth measurement. If the tread depth goes below the recommended level, the car will lose grip and traction on the road. Eventually, it can cause a fatal accident.  

2. Sidewall cracks

Look for damaging cracks on the side of the car wheel. These cracks occur because the oil and chemicals in the rubber compound start evaporating. It breaks down due to high exposure to UV radiation. As a result, the rubber slowly loses its grasp, tightness and cracks appear. If you drive with such tire conditions, the tread starts separating midway, and there are chances of a blowout. 

The technicians can rightly identify the tire cracks during visual inspection. 

3. Blisters and bulges

A weakened car tire will have bulges on them and blisters which extend in the outward direction. If there are fissures and slits, the air starts to escape from the tires. Hence, the tires deflate naturally. Even if you cannot detect these leaks yourself, you should get them professionally checked from the garage service. 

4. Vibrations and Noise

Damaged car tires produce squeaking noises, signalling that it is time for a change. If driving on poor roads causes vibrations, it is due to bad tire conditions. The car becomes unstable, and the tires lose grip from the road. Get it immediately repaired with help from the car tire experts.