A flat tyre situation can occur anytime, anywhere. It’s important to have contact with professionals providing mobile tyre services to get rescued from these situations. A flat tyre might occur due to a sudden puncture or a blowout. Whatever the reason, getting stranded in the middle of nowhere with a flat tyre definitely gives rise to a fearful situation in the car owner’s mind.

However, instead of panicking, you can easily sort out the situation. Keep calm and ensure you have contact details of mechanics providing services for mobile tyres in Sutton. You might have a spare tyre in your car. You can easily fix the tyre if you have the same along with the proper tools.

What are the causes of a flat tyre?

There are many causes behind a flat tyre. Some of the causes are unavoidable and are just acts of fate. Others can be easily avoided if proper maintenance of the tyre is ensured. Here’s a list of causes behind flat tyres.

Punctured tyre

This is a common cause. A puncture can happen anytime without any prior warning signs. Especially if the tyre encounters nails, glass pieces or any sharp object, it will get punctured instantly. Moreover, since these broken pieces lay on the road, it is difficult for the driver to see them while driving.

Faulty valve

Although this is not a common occurrence, now and then, a valve might fail, and the tyre will get damaged eventually. When the valve is damaged, the tyre experiences a loss of air. This can be avoided by ensuring proper maintenance of the tyre valves. The mechanic will fix this issue if you get the car serviced annually.

Ripped or worn tyre

If the tyres have worn out with time, they might get punctured easily. Unlike punctures, this situation is also avoidable. For this, you must ensure proper time-to-time servicing of your car and its tyres.

Over or under pumper tyre

Overpumping air into the tyre can cause the tyre to pop up and turn flat eventually. Again if the air is underfilled in the tyres, there’s a probability that the tyre will turn flat when you take the car out on the road.

Damaged roads

Another problem of flat tyres occurs if you take the car onto a rugged and damaged road. If the texture of the road is not smooth, there’s a high probability that the tyres will get damaged while driving.

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