The tyres are a crucial part of every vehicle. The black rubbery things keep the car grounded, therefore forming a fundamental link between the vehicle and the road. Attached to the outer edge of the wheels, it undergoes severe wear and tear, which impacts the vehicle performance. This is why it is essential to select a good set of tyres for your car.

Good quality tyres enhance acceleration, smoothen the brake system and acts as a bugger to handle high turbulence on roads. It improves fuel efficiency and assures a safe drive. Poor quality tyres, on the other hand, makes the ride unpleasant and bumpy.

While different tyre designs are available in the market, you can choose from a reputable company for mobile tyres in Sutton. Buy the tyres according to your car’s suitability, use and the environment of driving.

How To Choose Perfect Car Tyres

In the UK, every type of car tyre contains the following printed information.

It has a printed code, like 16550R1489H, for example. If you break it down, it says 165/50/R/14/89/H.

  • 165 is the car tyre width
  • 50 is the aspect ratio
  • R is Radical for radial tyres made out of polyester chords positioned across tyre width, at 90 degrees to the direction of the tread.
  • 14 is the wheel rim width
  • 89 is the load rating
  • H represents the speed rating of the tyre.

Factors to Consider

1. Tyre Size

Different models of cars require different sizes of tyres. To choose the right one, you should understand the tyre’s sidewall markings. You can check the owners manual for information. Look at the number and check the tyre width, aspect ratio, diameter, load index, speed rating and more.

2. Tyre Type

The technicians usually recommend buying tubeless tyres, which are easy to fix during a puncture. The alloy wheels work best with tubeless tyres. However, if your car has steel rims, going for tube tyres is the way to be.

3. Tread Pattern

Car tyres come with varied tread patterns, which improves drivability. Tyre treads imply grooves and crevices that channel water away while driving.

The types of treads to look out for –

Directional Tread

Symmetrical Tread

Asymmetrical Tread

4. Tyre Compound

It implies the quality of material that is utilized for tyre construction. It skims through the surface, and the compound varies for every tyre model. Summer tyres come with additional grips; winter tyres have big blocks to slow down the grip. The tyres also provide better traction in wet conditions.

5. Quality

Product Warranty: This speaks a lot about the quality of the tyre. It gives a sense of security, so you must read all the clauses in the warranty statement.

Reputation – Check and buy from licensed shops selling car tyres of reputable brands only.

Manufacturing date– Before purchasing a new tyre, be careful to look for the manufacturer’s date.

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