You never know when you’ll get a flat tyre, so it’s critical to have trustworthy tyre services on call to help you out with mobile tyres Epsom when you need it. Flat tyres are rarely handy and could leave you stranded along a roadside whether you have an explosion or a puncture.

The following guide on what to do if you find yourself with a flat tyre on the road has been put together since you must understand the proper routine for an accident of this sort.

What Can Lead To A Flat Tyre?

A flat tyre may take place in several distinct instances. Some are merely an act of fate, while others are inevitable. It’s important to be aware of any possible issues a tyre could encounter when travelling on roads, regardless of the underlying cause. Furthermore, relying on dependable services will provide you with some peace of mind regardless of what caused your flat tyre.

The two main reasons that can cause a flat tyre

  • Punctures

The most prevalent kind of flat tyre is one with a puncture. On the roadway, there may be plenty of sharp items. It will eventually hurt your tyres, that’s unavoidable. Rubber is resilient and made to take rough treatment. It is not, however, impossible to penetrate. A flat tyre can occasionally be caused by items like glass, nails, and screws.

  • Malfunctioning valve

Flat tyres can be brought on by damaged tyres and valves. A valve failing or your tyre getting damaged is not a common occurrence, but it does happen occasionally. This causes an inadequate seal and air loss. If this occurs to you, you must call a professional tyre service right away to fix the problem before it leads to getting trapped.

How to Address It?

You must know what to do if you find yourself the unfortunate individual of a highway breakdown caused by a flat tyre. If done properly and quickly, the procedure is straightforward and somewhat painless.

Please refer to the list of actions you should follow for guidance.

  • Initial safety

Safety is our top priority above everything else. A road can be hazardous for a pedestrian, particularly if it’s a highway. Following the Vehicle Code and getting out of the car on the passenger’s side should always be your priority. Put up poles and signage for your failure, to warn other drivers of an accident.

  • Engage a professional Tyre Services

It’s crucial to get in touch with qualified tyre services given that that scenario is safe and secure. The majority of reputable companies provide portable services that can accommodate you by the side of the road. To get you again on the highway and out of risk quickly, your tyre will have to be replaced safely and effectively.

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