Driving is a complex activity during the winter. With snow all around the road, the car’s tyres fall under excessive pressure during winter. Although most people prefer to stay indoors, emergencies call for a drive through the snowy roads. No matter where and when you’re driving, ensure the tyres are fit, fine and in working condition. To keep the tires in a good condition, you’ll have to take proper care of them at the onset of winter. If you get stuck in the middle of the snow-covered roads, get help from Sutton mobile tyres.¬†

Here are a few winter care tips for your car’s tires.

Tips to protect tyres in winters

Install new winter tyres

Ensure that you install winter tyres as the colder season draws closer. On wet and slick surfaces, they provide a stronger grip. They have hundreds of additional little edges due to the sipes, which are tiny slits that cover them. In the winter, these edges give you more traction on the road. The deeper grooves are much better at moving water and snow than standard tyres. In parallel, the tread pattern will gather the snow to provide traction.

Keep a spare tyre

Maintain a spare tyre in your car at all times. Due to the invisibility of the ground beneath the snow in the winter, it becomes even more crucial. There might be pointed, sharp items concealed in the snow that can penetrate your tires. As a result, becoming punctured is more likely. If you need to replace a tyre because it has become old or punctured while driving, having a spare will be helpful.

Keep rotating tyres

By rotating the tires now and then, especially before the winter, you can improve the durability of the tyres. Ideally, rotate the tyres every 10,000 kilometres or before that to prevent them from getting damaged. 

Check tyre pressure 

When it’s cold outside, check your tires’ air pressure more frequently than usual. Driving could be challenging if the pressure is unequal on all tyres. The tires will also suffer damage. Under-inflated tyres are risky to drive since they won’t respond to brakes as you expect them to. In the worst situation, if the tyres are not inflated to the proper pressure, there could be a blowout.

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