While buying a new car, its economy, style and fuel can be an absolute game-changer. However, safety is another unavoidable feature for cars. With new technological innovations, consumers can choose new features like pedestrian detection and forward collision. But, to ensure utmost safety and drivability, cars tyres are the part you should focus on. For proper maintenance, you can visit the reputable shop for Mobile tyres in Surrey. 

Tyres are the main link between your vehicle and the road. The correct design of the tyres influences car behaviour on wet, hard and dry surfaces. As you drive the car for long distances, the tyres undergo wear and tear. It increases the chance of skidding. This is how proper car tyre functioning affects the motion of your vehicle.  


Importance of Good Car Tyres for the Car 

Carry the vehicle weight

The air inside the tyres carries the entire vehicle weight. This weight moves around the roll centre when the car brakes, accelerates, turns or moves forward. Hence good and functional tyres will have a high weight-bearing capacity. Hence it is important for handling car safety and performance. 

Provides cushioning against road shock

Sturdy and rigid car tyres protect the vehicle when it passes through cracks, bumps or potholes. Tyres in a smooth condition will offer a perfect driving experience on rough patches. The tyres absorb this impact first as the vehicle moves through irregular road surfaces. Additionally, it also dampens the shock received by the car. 

Prevents slipping

The tyres balance the steering and acceleration control of the car. When the wheels change direction, a good tyre grip prevents the car from skidding. This way, the vehicle stays stable when the car changes direction. Hence proper tyre pressure, tread pattern, and depth play a crucial role in car safety.  

Rigidity and longevity

Rigidity mattes to get maximum tyre traction in a vehicle. Soft tyres rank higher in terms of grip. This gives a better steering response on the rough terrains. Tyres with proper tread can help you pass through heavy water flow. The rubber spins on the wet surface and provides control. However, tyres are not durable for the longest run. Hence you should opt for repair and replacement. 

Tips For Car Tyre Maintenance

  • Inspect the tyres
  • Check the tyre pressure
  • Follow the guidelines for load capacity
  • Rotate the tyres to avoid uneven wearing
  • For tyre damage, take it to the garage service

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