No matter the time of the year, keeping the tyres of your car in good shape is always important. If you fail to look after them, you can face severe consequences. Bad tyres compromise vehicle performance, also putting you at the risk of an accident. Similarly, they are also responsible for better steering control.   

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Effective Tips to Maintain Car Tyres

Maintain tyre pressure  

A healthy set of car wheels goes a long way in prolonging its lifespan. You should periodically check the tyre pressure as it gives more mileage to the engine. If your vehicle has an underinflated tyre, the engine will need more energy to move. It causes more fuel consumption and engine stress. If the car tyres are optimally inflated, it will get a better grip on road surfaces, eventually helping the car balance as well on the road. If you go beyond the specified inflation levels, the car tyres are likely to expand and burst. If the tyres are underinflated, the vehicle will slip on underinflated surfaces.     

Check for damages 

Regular inspection of the car tyres is crucial, along with a physical check of the other components. If there is unusual wearing like cuts, bulges or cracks on the sidewall, you should consult the technicians immediately. They will suggest a car tyre replacement.  

Unknown punctures are dangerous too. If it happens while you are driving, replace it with spare tyre.  


Tyre rotation 

Conduct tyre rotation to understand the tread wear. It is advisable to perform this after driving 10,000 km. Rotation ensures that both the tyres are sharing an equal burden and that not one tyre is over-exposed. Also, check the car alignment. If there is a problem, the car will keep pulling to one side. Hence do this after every 15,000 km.  


Check the tread 

Tyre tread directly impacts vehicle performance. If your vehicle carries a lot of weight, it affects the tyre conditions. Eventually, it can cause a tyre explosion and put you in danger of a road accident.  


Follow good driving habits

Practice good and safe driving habits to keep your car in good shape. If you apply excessive brakes or put on the acceleration frequently, it will negatively impact the tyre. Avoid driving on uneven road surfaces with fewer hazards and potholes. By following these tips, your car stays in excellent condition too.