Even if you use your car occasionally, tyres can’t serve you for a lifetime. Over time, they will show some symptoms. Tyres provide the much-needed road grip, stability, and acceleration to your vehicle. In addition to this, several performance factors like safety and fuel efficiency rely on them. As a result, choosing the right new mobile tyres in Epsom must be one of your main duties. Here are the factors you must consider before you buy new car tyres. 

The following four things must be taken into account: 

Right tyre and rim size 

Keep in mind that the size of the tyre and rim of your vehicle should be the same, which is the most crucial thing. Small tyres will not be compatible with the rim and will cut down the height of the sidewall, resulting in poor car handling. On the other hand, wide tyres will offer added grip and are also safe for driving, particularly on wet and damp surfaces. 

Tubeless or tube type

Nowadays, most cars come with tubeless tyres and have several benefits over tube-type. The tubeless ones are less prone to punctures and require less maintenance. Moreover, a nearby car repair shop can easily fix tubeless tyre puncture issues. Also, they emit less heat, since there is no tyre and tube friction. 

Tread pattern 

It’s not hard to gather information about different types of mobile tyres in Epsom. Keep in mind that the tread pattern of tyres used in different types of vehicles also varies. The unidirectional vehicles come equipped with a single direction tread pattern that cannot be altered at the time of wheel rotation. 

When it comes to all-terrain tyres, they feature deep and wide tread blocks and are designed mainly for SUVs and surfaces that are extremely hard. But, the mud terrain tyres are mainly used for off-roading and the highway terrain tyres are used on sealed roads.  

Manufacturer’s reliability and warranty 

In addition to passenger protection, a good tyre should be durable enough to ensure a safe and comfortable ride. So, it’s very important to purchase tyres from a recognised brand that will provide the best product. Apart from this, tyre manufacturers usually provide extended warranties, so ensure you choose a reliable professional who offers good coverage. You can also check online reviews of a specific tyre brand or compare multiple brands as per your needs. 

To sum up, by taking into account the right tyre and rim size, tyre type, tread pattern, as well as the reliability and warranty of the manufacturer, you can choose the right tyre for your car. Share this blog with your friends if you find it helpful! 

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