Sometimes, you might experience a sudden drop in the air pressure of your car’s tyre while driving. Tyre puncture is not the sole reason behind this issue. Driving with underinflated tyres can have many setbacks and can lead to dangerous situations. If you’re stuck with an inflated tyre in the middle of nowhere, get in touch with companies offering mobile tyre fitting services. They will reach your destination and fix your tyre as soon as possible.

Why do car tyre pressures fall?

Nails in tyres                               

If you’re driving on a slippery road, nails can get stuck to the tyre’s surface. This does not always flatten the tyres, but causes a leak. As the tyres keep losing air pressure, this will adversely affect the driving position and car handling capability.

Damaged beads

If the tyre beads are damaged, the car tyres start to lose air pressure gradually. The beads keep the tyres fitted tightly to the rims. Once they are damaged, air starts leaking.

Adverse temperature

Driving under adverse weather conditions causes the tyres to lose air. For instance, if you’ve been driving under extremely cold temperatures, the air inside the tyres tends to reduce and contract. When using the car under adverse weather conditions, check the pressure to ensure you do not get into trouble.

Damage due to potholes

Potholes and curbs on the roads can damage the surface of the tyres, causing leaks and cuts. Continuous exposure to potholes and curbs on the road will cut through the surface of the tyre and damage it. Due to these small cuts, the car tyres will lose pressure. It is advisable to avoid potholes while driving on the road.

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